About Us

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Building relationships, constructing futures

Construction is a serious business that requires a high degree of commitment at many different levels in order to achieve the end result each owner envisions. That requires focused, personal attention from the beginning and our clients know they will get it at The Fain Group.

Our professionals work equally well with architects and owners to achieve the kind of communication and understanding that produces the envisioned end result. During the process of construction, we work to build relationships that will last for years. In fact, we are most proud of those relationships and attribute much of our success to the individuals with whom we have partnered over the years.

Superior track record

The Fain Group brings each client a level of value he or she can trust. We take pride in our consistent track record of bringing in construction projects on time and on budget, whether those projects are road projects or water parks or elaborate corporate headquarters.

Quality and value

We keep our overhead low and offer in-house services – such as concrete, utility and earthwork -that enables us to lower costs without sacrificing control, which is sometimes lost while subcontracting.

Our commitment to the highest standards of quality enables us to ensure that our clients receive the finest construction projects possible, exactly as they envisioned them.

We believe the construction process should be enjoyable. We look at each project as a new beginning and make every effort to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.